Ladon Uni (House of Sleep)

Ladon Uni Habitare 2013 visitors

Ladon Uni visitors at Habitare 2013

Ladon Uni
Ladon Uni
Ladon Uni

LADON UNI (House of Sleep)

Habitare Design Competition 2013, second place

Kirsi Ihalainen – Sound Design and Acoustics,
Topi Mäkinen – Architect and Design

Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre, 18th – 22nd of September 2013, Habitare

“Ladon Uni” at Habitare Design Competition (second place in the competition)

Ladon Uni is made of an old barn logs and has acoustically amazing qualities. The lullaby of the logs is made with sounds of the logs themselves and of the tools that they used to use when building these old barns to the fields.

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The sound installation was sponsored by Habitare 2013, Aalto University and Sibelius Academy.

Special thanks to:
Ricky Tourunen, Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski, Antti Ikonen & Alejandro Olarte.