Finnish Forest Frequencies in Tokyo

自然 / Luonto / Nature Atmosphere
with Finnish Forest Frequencies (FFF) in Tokyo Spiral Hall exhibition!

My newest sound installation will be presented in Tokyo, Japan at Spiral Hall Gallery exhibition in 1st of May untill 6th of May 2014.

スパイラルエキシビションでの作品については (About my installation at the Spiral exhibition in Japanese) >> こちら

プロフィールに関する詳細は (More info about me in Japanese) >> こちら


My installation is a collaborative work with Johanna Rotkos visuals and together forming Nature atmosphere.
The work is called Luonto/ Nature.

FFF is and 8 channel sound installation made with pine deadwood. I have placed sound actuators inside the wood to make the wood play and vibrate. The sounds are frequencies and Finnish animal sounds from a Finnish forest. Each wood has it own frequency and together they create the forest to the Spiral gallery space next to the cafe.

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Aalto Logo valkonen2Aalto University news about the exhibition! >> Here!

The sound installation is sponsored by Feonic Technology, Aalto University, Siekkelin Puutyö Ky, Logmakers Ltd Oy and supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Finnish Institute in Japan (フィンランドセンター).

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