Finnish Forest Frequencies in Kainuu Lounge at Helsinki Airport


Finnish Forest Frequencies can now be heard at Helsinki Airport in Kainuu- tila (Gate 31)

A sound installation, Finnish Forest Frequencies by sound designer and artist Kirsi Ihalainen, fills the Kainuu lounge space with soothing humming sounds from the Finnish forest and with the sounds of familiar Finnish animals.

The deadwood hanging from the ceiling plays selected frequencies of the forest. These particular frequencies are making the wood resonate and therefore vibrate. The new sound technology turns the deadwood into speakers.

“You can and you should touch the deadwood, since the vibration and the smell of the deadwood transports you directly to the heart of nature. The forest sounds combined with furniture made from Finnish natural materials brings a piece of Finland to the airport”, says Ihalainen.

Finavia press release about the installation can be found >> Here!

Comments, experiences and photos of you with the installation can be posted with #FinnForestFreq

The sound installation is sponsored by Feonic Technology and Aalto University.

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