Master of Arts Thesis (2015) “Generative Sound Design: Complexity, Realness, and Quality”

Bachelor of Arts Thesis (2008) “Methods of Choir Recording for an Audio Engineer”


It is coming, wait for it!


Scripe, All Lie; published 2009: recording, producing

Tzimon Barto, Unexpected Encounters J.Hayden; published 2008: recording

Eppu Normaali, liveperformance recordings; published 2008: mixing, mastering

Uniklubi, Rakkaudesta hulluuteen; published 2008: mixing

Scripe, Badly; published 2008: recording, producing, mixing, mastering

Kamarikuoro Solenne, Yhdy sydän lauluhun, joulu on; published 2008: recording,  mixing, mastering

Denise Llewellyn, In the meantime; published 2007: recording, mixing, mastering

Tampereen Yliopiston Laulajat, Örök a nóta- Laulu on ikuinen; published 2007: recording, mixing, mastering

Studio de Musique Ancienne de Montréal, Le Messie S’en Vient!; published 2006: recording.


Manse Live Aid Vuonna85 Musikaali UNICEF concert recording; published 2008: recording, mixing, mastering


TTT-theatre musicals, head of microphones and monitoring:  Anna-Liisa, Vuonna85 Remix, Chicago, Lämminveriset, Fanny ja Aleksander