I am Kirsi Ihalainen (KILLI), a sound artist, sound designer and an audio engineer from Helsinki, Finland.

I am a Master of Arts in Sound in New Media from Media Lab in Aalto University where my sound design expertise mainly concentrated in creating audio for sound installations, games, and interactive audio interfaces for different multimedia. As a sound artist I create big sound art installations to spaces.

I also do sound for films, animations and record/mix music. I am also a composer and a musician/singer. I have obtained a very strong experience in recording music, especially classical and jazz, and working as a technical audio engineer. I have a trained classical music background and experience over a decade with my own rock band.

I have also programming experience with several programming languages, I build electronics and I have experience in sensor technology.

I am interested in different kind of projects with sound. The more challenging and thought of impossible for sound, the better. I am on my best when inventing new things with sound and developing new technical ways to realise them.

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